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All people are different and the result of solving the problem depends on the individual characteristics of each person
We work with problem-prone skin: demodex, acne, blackheads, teenage pustules, seborrhea oleosa, seborrhea sicca, pigmentation. Our treatment base on organic cosmetics.
Services of our salon
The main feature of the salon is the time-proved method of work with problem-prone skin, including not only visiting the cosmetologist, but also getting recommendations how to solve problems with gastrointestinal tract and metabolism processes of the whole body. Your problems – our solution!

The main services


Visit to cosmetologist (2 – 2,5 hours)

Bleaching program

Postpeeling rehabilitation

Work with fading skin

Work with seborrhea oleosa and seborrhea sicca:

Reduction of sebaceous excretions

Narrowing the skin pores

Lightening the congestive (cyanotic) pigment spots

Resorption of inflammatory elements

Repairing the consequences of acne

Work with dry irritable skin

Deep moistening

Removing the inflammation and allergy

Non-machine lifting, ageing prophylaxis