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All people are different and the result of solving the problem depends on the individual characteristics of each person

All methods of treatment of pigmentation are aimed at eliminating the external effect, and usually reduce to bleaching and exfoliation, often accompanied by side effects, and the result is visible only after a few months. Often the pigmentation appears again. This is due to the complex and very individual causes of the appearance of pigmentation. Steady results in the treatment of pigmentation can be achieved only by eliminating the root cause of its appearance.

The same manifestation of pigmentation in different people does not always indicate the same reasons for its occurrence. We need a thorough analysis of each case. Here is a list of possible causes of pigmentation:

  • Excessive irradiation of the skin with ultraviolet (sunburn is skin damage by the sun’s rays, and melanin production is a defensive reaction of the skin);
  • Violation of the balance of hormones (melanocyte-stimulating, genital, thyroid, adrenal);
  • Pregnancy, disease of the uterus and appendages;
  • Hormonal preparations (especially oral contraceptives), cosmetic and phototoxic (suntan) preparations;
  • Liver disease.

All the folk remedies listed below can be used to lighten flat pigment spots (freckles, chloasma.). Sealed spots that rise above the skin should not be touched at all, or consult a specialist. Whichever recipe you choose, remember, the main thing is not to hurt and have patience, there will be no immediate result. All clarifying procedures should be carried out daily, and if possible several times a day. After each procedure, the treated area should be greased with a nutritious cream. Here are the recipes of some of the folk remedies:

  • Mask from soap (1t spoon of shaving white soap + 1pc spoon 3% hydrogen peroxide, stir to a foamy homogeneous mass + 2-3 drops of ammonia, apply to stains for 15-20 minutes, rinse well and lubricate with nutritious cream);
  • Starch mask (1 or 2 tablespoons of starch diluted with freshly squeezed lemon juice until a thick paste, apply to stains and wash off after 20-25 minutes);
  • Sour milk, kefir yogurt. Lubricate unwanted pigmentation 2-3 times a day;
  • Juices (lemon, grapefruit, pomegranate, cucumber, birch, black currant, rowan, from the green of parsley and dandelion leaves). Lubricate stains with one of them several times a day;
  • Juice of calendula (juice from fresh leaves and flowers wipe pigment spots several times a day);
  • Cucumber tincture (3 tablespoons finely chopped peel of fresh cucumber pour 1 glass of vodka, close tightly and let it brew to a greenish color. Use for wetting pigmented spots.);
  • Mask of white clay (kaolin) (half a st. Spoonful of clay dilute one of the freshly squeezed juices of lemon, cucumber, parsley, rowan, black currant, sour cabbage, pomegranate, pasty, and apply to pigment spots for 20 minutes. kaolin it is possible to use sour-milk products).

If you have tried everything, and the desire to improve your appearance is not lost, then it’s time to move on to more radical measures and turn to specialists.


Let’s give a brief description of modern methods and tools to combat pigmentation. Let’s list some, indicating their advantages and disadvantages:

  • “Golden Standard” – hydroquinone (used in the form of creams, treatment course from 3 months to one year, can cause redness, comedones, contact dermatitis, post-inflammatory pigmentation);
  • Retinoids (vitamin A, retinoic acid, azelaic acid, the latter is most effective and harmless, but the blemishes only occur after 1-2 months, and the entire course is 8 months.);
  • Steroids (the most effective and fast acting, but have serious side effects (atrophy, acne));
  • Kojic acid (a new remedy, the course is 2 months, but can cause contact dermatitis);
  • Peelings (effective modern methods of combating pigmentation, special care is required and individual approach, if used improperly, it is possible to provoke post-inflammatory pigmentation);
  • Physical methods of influence on pigmentation (dermabrasion, laser treatment, phototherapy, all these methods are effective with high professional training of specialists and strict individual approach, otherwise there can be serious consequences).
What do we have?

And we have almost 20 years of experience and as a result – an original approach to solving the problem of skin pigmentation. To eliminate pigmentation, we come together in a complex way. We eliminate not only external unpleasant manifestations, but we always take into account the individual characteristics of each client during treatment. Special individual programs can include: aromapilling, whitening, lifting, moisturizing, oxygenation of the skin, absorption of the upper dead layers of the epidermis, biofitopiling, nut peeling, multilayer tissue cosmeceuticals. Of the newest achievements, the technique with the use of a dermarroller has proven itself. After 1-2 weeks we get a noticeable result, in the absence of side effects. Successfully struggling with age-related pigmentation and the consequences of aggressive cosmetology. If you have seriously decided to get rid of pigmentation and all previous efforts have not been successful, do not despair. Call, consult for free, and do not hesitate to help! *

* The result depends on the individual characteristics of your body.