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Multiple years of experience gives us the right to say: “There is something for you to learn from us.” We offer trainings and cooperation for the salons and cosmetologists in other cities of Ukraine. You will own the unique method. A plenty of clients, experience and practice. Work for the result.

You can come to our place and watch us working, be present at the cosmetologist’s reception, watch the process of the face “reanimation” in dynamics.

If you are an owner of a cosmetic salon or just want to open one – call on us and we will surely find the collaboration scope with you.

You certainly know how many salons promise handsome faces to boys and girls, but not every salon is able to redeem their promises. Our method is checked by the decades of work and almost every time gives the hundred-per-cent result.

Method of treating the problem-prone skin
Joint production of organic cosmetics line on the basis of different variants of lecithin mask
Agents used for problem-prone skin

Methods of work with problem skin include using the existing preparations and the agents we created ourselves. Making the best use of that agents is the only condition of obtaining the result. The agents we created account about 80 per cent of all the agents used.


There are a great variety of companies and agents going in for the problem prone skin. Most of them work with the simplest problems. The results obtained are often superficial and do not last long. We work with very difficult skin problems. Having obtained the result, we keep it by the cream individually composed for every client on the base of his trouble. During the cream usage the skin changes. It becomes more healthy, resistant to the various influences, more strong and invulnerable.

The main agents that we used to solve the skin problems are mask and cream. The both preparations are the concentrates (basis) of individual composition for every client, corresponding to his problem.


Nowadays cosmetology has become of the same type. Everybody does one and the same peeling, laser, infections. Lecithin mask gives an opportunity to solve this problem in a different way.

Mask basis are natural alive chicken yolks, that contain lecithin, if is a substance which is extra necessary for skin. Now natural (organic) cosmetic is fashionable, up-to-date, actual and popular. The world has become crazy about organic products. The mask is a concentrate, a basis for creation of different products. Its action (influence) changes depending on ingredients added to it. It is done extemporal (in the presence of client, and taking into account his problem).

Extemporal is also a unique and rare technique in work. At the reception in salon we put the additional components to the mask, using different bases for it, make it multilayered. All this changes the effect of the mask.

  • adding menthol increases anti-inflammatory effect;
  • adding the salicylic acid and chlorophyllipt – bactericidal effect;
  • aromaoils – improve blood circulation, and hence, assist the scar resolvation and skin smoothing;
  • Actually on the client’s own eyes the individual composition is created, according to his specific problem
All people are different and the result of solving the problem depends on the individual characteristics of each person

If there is a problem and there is a person who can solve it. The patient will not regret about spent out it. Nowadays many companies announce about work with problem skin. And they get some results. Bat they can hardly keep the skin clear for a long time. We have developed cream which keeps the result. It deeply penetrates into skin, having strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action. Cream is also a concentrate, the basis of individual composition creation, corresponding to your problem. The cream is very economical and effective.

The result that can not be kept is not a one-minute result. Here comes the confidence and respect to the salon. Clients come to us with any problems, even problems of their lives.
Experience of our workers from 4 to 17 years. Almost no personnel fluctuations. It is not only a work, but a profession for our cosmetologists, and their skills rise more and more with each year.
The result that can be kept is not a one-minute result. Here comes the confidence and respect to the salon. Clients come to us with any problems, even problems of their lives.