Acne, or blackheads rash, is one of the most wide-spread skin diseases. Yes, it is exactly a disease, but not a temporary occurrence that will pass when becoming older, like many people think. And like any other disease, it requires treatment, otherwise the fight against teenage pimples will have to be combined with serious antiage measures. But why some people can be happy about their reflection in the mirror almost every day, and others, and there are many of them, have to apply a lot of force to make their skin have that willing purity, smooth color and relief.

Acne usually happens to teenagers and young people, and the beginning of the disease concurs with that period of life when sebaceous glands start working very intensively, that means in the period of pubescence. The main cause of the acne is the obstruction of sebaceous gland duct. This occurs as the result of squamas of epidermis, that usually die off and regenerate, stop peeling at some place and accumulate, preventing the free sebum outflow. These squamas together with sebum form a kind of cork for a sebaceous gland. That is named a comedo, looking like a black or whitish dot or knot.

The opinion that the food character influences the blackheads and pimples arising is a little bit out of date. Of course, overeating the sweet, smoked and spicy food may complicate the clinical course. But nevertheless the food is not the true cause of acne, and blackheads cannot be treated only keeping the diet.

Acne occurs to people of mature age as well, 40 years on average. It may be caused by the malfunction of endocrine and sexual glands, by application of some medicines, stimulants, by harmful labor conditions, by application of poor-quality cosmetics.

Probably a lot of girls watching their another pimple are told that standard phrase by their moms and grannies: “When you marry, that will pass!”. And those explanatory-consolatory replicas for teenage boys have the same sense. However that is not true. Presence or absence of sexual contacts and their frequency have no influence on acne arising.

Unfortunately it is not true. Residues in the body are not the reason of pimples and blackheads arising. Here the starting mechanism is heredity or imbalance of hormones. However the competent body clearing with further keeping the principles of rational feeding can improve the face color, lighten the mood and raise the self-appraisal. And against this background the skin problems reduce their meaning. So it breaks the circulus vituosus, when the depressed state caused by acne implies the problem aggravation. As that is not a secret that the most of people, especially the ones who has got any rash, tend to exaggerate their physical defects.

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