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All people are different and the result of solving the problem depends on the individual characteristics of each person
Antiage program

Here is the time for our salon to go in for such a traditional problem as skin fading. One of my friends said: “Before the age of 35 we fight with pimples, and after 35 – with wrinkles. The whole life is a fight.” So here we come close to this problem.

The life of a human body is the life and death of the cell. Every second old cells die and new cells are born. A skin cell lives for 45 days. When the human is 15 or 80 years old, his skin cell lives for 45 days. The difference is in filling. In 20 days for 15-year-old the cell will be more filled, and for 80-year-old it is more flat. The question of ageing is the speed of loosing nutrients. The main is not how much and what you eat. The main is how much nutrients your body assimilates. And it depends on how choked your organs are, especially the main of the organs – liver. And this implies the importance of what you eat and haw much. When you become older, your liver cannot carry the same weight of food that it could before. That’s why the food should be nourishing and rational, and there should be as little food as possible. We should remember that our food industry works for the development of pharmaceutical industry. In my humble opinion. That was concerning food. That is concerning food.

And now concerning water.

The skin consists of water by 70 per cent. When one becomes older, the skin looses water. Moisturizing masks and creams prove their name while they keep the water on the skin surface (but only during the time that they are on the skin). A lot of people think that moisturizing is a penetration of the water molecules into skin. The size of water molecule overcomes the size of skin pore in 3.7 times. So it never penetrates into the pore. And that is luck. It is horrible to imagine that while you are taking a shower, all the water penetrates under your skin (!).

But in the contents of cosmetic preparations there are microelements penetrating into skin pores. The creams and masks are just carriers for such microelements.

One of the novelties is AROMAPEELING

Aromapilling is used for cosmetic care in intensive programs like antiage, lifting, anticuperose, antiacne, antidemodex. Also possible while curing seborrhea oleosa, seborrhea sicca and acne. The procedure promotes the restoration of hormonal and water-in-oil balance of skin.

The program of this pilling provides an outstanding result, that is obtained by the action of multicomponent composition of volatile essences, containing phenols, fruit acids, tanning agents, enzymes, vitamins, microelements and prohormones being in balances natural state. The fully natural volatile essences are used for this, being of special pharmacological quality.

As a result, the skin is purified, the wrinkles are smoothed out, the pigmentation decreases, the skin relief is smoothed.

The preferences of natural aromapilling:
– no desquamation;
– no effects like burns, scabs and other damages of healthy tissues, that are usually observed after chemical pilling;
– – cuperose is not a contraindication

Aromapilling is just a small part of the antiage programs. Besides, the following stages and procedures are possible:
– bleaching;
– lifting
– moisturizing;
– skin oxigenization;
– the absorption of dead upper layers of epidermis;
– biophytopilling;
– nut pilling;
– multilayer tissue cosmeceutics.