f you got problems with your skin, ask your friends where to go. The first thing that they tell you is “Vesna-S”. Such an answer is the result of 15 years of work, a huge experience and professionalism. More than 20 persons come to us every day to share their problems. And starting with that moment the problems of our visitors become our common problems, which we solve successfully.

We work with problem skin: demodex, acne, blackheads, teenage pustules, seborrhea oleosa, seborrhea sicca, pigmentation.

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All people are different and the result of solving the problem depends on the individual characteristics of each person

“If one’s face is a total wound, and then it becomes pure – all the rest fades before this miracle! When the person did not want to live, and now he comes and says that he specially looks for his reflection in the show-windows in order not to believe his eyes once more… The person changes totally: his face, way of life, fortune – all changes. Recently a father brought his daughter to us. She had inferiority complex, did not go to school. She went out of the house, turned round the corner and went back home. The father was in despair: help us! And someone wanted to lay hands on himself… And when you see the result, when some of the patients has a successful family life and children growing up – I feel happy. And they come from all over the country!”
Many centuries ago in the times of knights and paramours people payed much for owning the formula of miraculous elixir of youth. The formulas were hidden carefully and demised. Only the few succeeded to find the worthy successor to keep the secret.

Natalia Solomiychuk,

the director and master of “Vesna-S” salon, once became one of that worthy, the truthful and patient pupil of a legendary cosmetologist-lady, who performed miracles in the soviet times and had clients all over Kiev. This lady is away from Ukraine for already a long time, and so would be the formulas, if Natalia had not dedicated her young years to get the secrets being alive and efficient up to now due to her persistence and strength of character. Today Natalia is a unique master of curing the faces and, besides, souls of the people who already despaired.

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